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tel. 733 755 145 or 505 964 335

For many years we have been fulfilling the wishes of our customers by producing Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and other jewelry. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years of working with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones, today we can offer you unique products at a world-class level. The branded stones we have embedded have certificates of authenticity.

Our specialty is

Unique Engagement Rings

and Wedding rings tailored to the requirements of the Bride and Groom.

Branded Precious Stones.

Jubiler Warszawa

Pierścionek zaręczynowy z szafirem

Pierścionek zaręczynowy z szafirem

Pierścionek zaręczynowy z szafirem

Obraczki Białystok

The Goldsmith's Świeńciński is the most recommended goldsmith's studio in Bialystok.

* according to the members of the largest Podlasie group FB I Have a Wedding.

Pierścionek zareczynowy białe złoto

Our customers rate us very highly:

Reviews Facebook 5.0

Google Reviews 4.9

Sample reviews for RS Jubiler

  • Opinion of Ms. Alice - Facebook We ordered with thebride m wedding rings andk ring made under us to order . What Radek hasdone for us has exceeded our expectations. The highest quality, solidperformance, beautiful wedding rings, beautiful gold, thick. K ring also wonderful, huge diamond, beautiful e emu kształtowi framed, thanks to the appropriate emu shape of the crown different from most of the ów obecnych na rynku i szlifowani u cudownie się mieni, całość tworzy tak cudowny, piękny pierścione k, ze każdy, kto go widzi z naszych przyjaciół ring present on the market and honed in wonderfully shimmering, the whole creates such a wonderful, beautiful ring k, that everyone who sees it from our friends , friends admire it and ask where it was made. We were lookingfor a lot of the jeweler who would make us, the k ring we wanted, we were looking for - both in his city and in Munich, but we didn't find him, his fiancée would give up even bought another one before we my jubilera, który by nam wykonał, pierścione k taki, jaki chcemy, szukaliśmy y, narzeczony ny już nawet kupił inny, zanim znaleźliśm found Radek's studios, k do sklepu, bo to jednak nie był ten wzór, który sobie wymarzyłam but I asked him to return that k ring to the store, because it wasn't the pattern I had dreamed of. It was only when we got to Radek that he took up the work and did it so perfectly that I could just write, write and write here, but no words can give back how well he has done his work and that I have such a real work of art on my finger for life. He madeit perfect. I'm not afraid to say that - A world-class jeweler. We have been to many jewelers, but Radek's workmanship is the best. Solid. We will recommend it to everyone with a clear conscience for the rest of our lives. Honest, perfectionist ista, benevolent.
  • Opinion of Mr. Paul - Google The best jeweler in the area. Great choice, great quality, affordable prices.
  • Ms. Natali's opinion - Facebook Yesterday we picked up our wedding rings. They are perfect, wonderful, I knew they would be super made but it exceeded my expectations! I recommend wholeheartedly! 5 stars is not enough

Jubiler Białystok

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